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Renault 11 Turbo's in UK how many left? Attempt to track them all down...

Discussion in '9, 11, 25, Fuego and Laguna' started by Big Steve - Raider, Aug 1, 2014.

Discuss Renault 11 Turbo's in UK how many left? Attempt to track them all down... in the 9, 11, 25, Fuego and Laguna area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. Turbell

    Turbell Member

    All digi pics are from his second bout of use, there's more but I need to upload 'em into photobucket, not sure what's your preferred photo lark.......This is one of the ebay pics I used, think it will be feb 08/09, pretty sure it's 09 as I bought the Slaguna on an 04 and think it was about four and half years old.
    New owner came from Stoke I think, didn't seem to know his arse from his elbow as far as Renault Turbo's were concerned, had to go to the bank to fetch the cash, I think he expected a shitbox, and was going to wriggle out of it.
    He rang me a few days later and said he really enjoyed driving the car, but when did it have the cam belt done?...........oh dear.
    I think he rang me again and said the starter was playing up, but then I lost contact with it until I spotted on a forum or website or summat with red mirrors and clio 16v wheels and a 19 16v rear beam, felt like someone had fiddled with a family member a bit............but at least he was getting attention.
    At the time I had mine on the road, there was a really nice F plate local to me that a women used to drive, and it came up for sale in the trade quite a while after...........I always kick myself for not buying it.
    I remember a white doggy looking one in Sheffield I used to see, and a 9 Turbo in Worksop with Ph1 19 16V wheels that looked nice.
    Hmmmmm I got an itch!
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  2. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    I could, y'know, post this out to social media see if we can trace it.

    If you want.

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  3. Turbell

    Turbell Member

    Perhaps ignorance is bliss, I sold the old geezer cos he was past his best, and moved on............I've had a fight on my hands restoring the Alp and don't have the room to do another, not to the this standard.
    If he's out there and available at cheap money cos no one wants him, or save him from the crusher.........then i'd be have to try and resurrect him, but I've got three cars and two bikes so the stable is full...............ish.
    My son is getting interested in cars and will be wanting to drive in the next two or three years so I did think about getting a boggo basic 11/9/5 as he's into the retro lark and just gently mod it for him, just a bit lower, just a bit wider steels,...........
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  4. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Ding dong old chap :)


    Bet you wish you'd kept your trap shut now LMFAO
  5. ratmangta

    ratmangta Well-Known Member

    Never go back .....girls,cars,holidays,jobs,parents.....apart from Withaspoons of course
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  6. Turbell

    Turbell Member

    Darn it........must resist..........Lee knows me, and he feckin well knows I ain't payin good money, The money 5Gt's are fetching and the rub off effect that will have on 11's means it won't happen, not for a car I sold for 800 eight years ago, I would have a another/ Tel back but only for play money, which means probs not. Nice to keep tabs on him though.
    Anyway must dash, just booking a holiday with an ex-bird I used to work with and her parents.......:ag:
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  7. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Mike has duffed his back in, poor chap, he might want rid...make an offer and ill pass it on! £500? £250? £1000?
  8. Turbell

    Turbell Member

    I've no idea what state he's in and nowhere to put him, if he's not running I'm fecked cos anything on the drive blocks the garage and hence one car and both bikes have no way out, if I've got loads of graft to do/ OE parts to source then it can't and won't happen and I'm realistic enough not to pour money into a whim or start storing out of sight, cos then it's out of mind and years start rolling past.
    I'll stay in the sidelines for now, but if he wants shut cheap, I'd at least want to know, but plenty of people on here would. If it's me or the crusher, it's me.
    I had two spells with him, so I don't feel I've missed out.
    Thanks for you help and interest, hope I can stick around, and I'm looking forward to seeing Big Steve Raiders 11t one day.
  9. sdvcatfish

    sdvcatfish New Member

    When I was running a C reg R11 Turbo from new in 1985, did visit a Paris showroom and the 11 Turbo was sold in 5 door, there was one in the show room. Early R11 Ts where rear tube torsion bars. When I ordered mine it came with the modified rear angle bar configuration for the 1885/86 model year. When a work mate went out with me he couldn't believe that my 11 was faster on acceleration than his 2.8 capri! Happy days.
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  10. plvehicles

    plvehicles Well-Known Member

    just bought a phase 1 11 in red/pink colour reg no B300 JPK today to add to the growing pile of non running old Renaults, (pics to follow)
    unsure of weather to restore to standard or change the lump rip out the interior and track it???
  11. Brigsy

    Brigsy Media Manager

    Ph1 11t is rare if its any good keep it stock/lightly modified
  12. plvehicles

    plvehicles Well-Known Member

    its missing a fair few bits though which might be an problem, and looks to have had an issue with the wiring around the fuse box as some of it has melted together(which isn't a problem but just a pain in the arse)
  13. plvehicles

    plvehicles Well-Known Member

  14. TNT Mr Raider

    TNT Mr Raider Well-Known Member

    That is awesome mate, makes me really miss my phase 1 11 turbo D340OOD, such a rare genuine car and now gutted I sold it just it spent so much time sitting around behind the raider and my daily. Some parts are still available however the 11 turbo raises the bar when it comes to the challenge of sourcing replacement parts. I bought a windscreen in late 2011 that was still available at the time, so hopefully theres one out there in a warehouse with your name on it. ;-) keep it oe with the odd bolt on upgate, air filter/exhaust/suspension so if need be with a few nuts and bolts it can be returned to OE in an hour or two. Keep the updates coming fella, proper rare car now,most people dont even know what they are! lol
  15. Cheryl

    Cheryl New Member

    IMG_5957.JPG I've had this one since 1997 but owned a few over the years. Can only find an old pic, it's currently sorned.
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  16. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    Hello All!!

    I've been updating this thread a little today (Check back to the first post for more cars and details) and also built a little Excel file of all the known R11 Turbo's on UK road so far. Can't seem to upload it to the site, so you're going to have to take my word for it and just see a few screen shots!! :au:

    So what does this tell us?

    The newest car we know about is the Silver R11T (F315 KMX) that recently sold on eBay for £2000 that was registered on Jan 89!
    The oldest car still in existance (according to the DVLA) is B300 JPK owned by our very own member @plvehicles@plvehicles :friends.gif:
    B300 JPK2.JPG
    The Only two R11T's currently roadworthy in the UK are owned by @R5turbo2@R5turbo2 (F533 HNM) and @Prab@Prab (D340 OOD)

    Keep updating this thread guys & girls if you want your car added to the list! :ea:
  17. Brigsy

    Brigsy Media Manager

    Prabs has not moved a wheel in ages :D
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