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Raider Update....

Discussion in 'Renault 5 GT Turbo' started by Scott_higgy, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    Great work Scott!
    Scott_higgy likes this.
  2. Scott_higgy

    Scott_higgy Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    Not had chance to do an update for a while, ill try and get a few pics uploaded while I wait for my chopper home today.

    Got a few things to do this time home, my plans are:

    1: Engine mounts, is it a ball ache and what's the best way to go about it.
    2: Change carb top mines cracked.
    3: Put the little plastic fuel filter in the barb and hope it sorts out my bogging issue.
    4: Pressure test boost hoses
    5: if everything's good with all the above hopefully turn up the boost more and hope its not going to surge like a b**ch.

    Might look at getting some headwork done. Anyone got a company they would recommend.
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  3. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    they are a doddle ! The only on that is a bit of a pain the the rear one next to the box
  4. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    I wouldnt bother. You are nowhere near the limit of the turbo / block / cooler combination yet. Its the law of diminishing returns
  5. Scott_higgy

    Scott_higgy Well-Known Member

    As promised some photos of progress, theres loads of pics so apologies.

    Due to the large air intake i moved the header tank to the bulk head but thin king of moving it again to the driver side. I think i have a duff tank as its leaking at one of the joins so if i can get hold of a good OE on ill prob move it then but for now its ok.

    Went to B&Q for some pipe work to extend the top rad hose, had my little helper with me....
    20150707_103636.jpg 20150707_130851.jpg

    Originally id sent the car to have the FMIC fitted by a so called mate haha, he couldn't do it and ended up with a raider with no front cross member, so thanks to @Brigsy@Brigsy we did it ourself. Started off with some angle iron and flat bar from Wickes 20150804_100539.jpg 20150806_140624.jpg 20150807_172821.jpg 20150809_121546.jpg
    All offered up and fitted, was pretty straight forward to be honest.

    Alterations to my MINT OE front grille had to be made, i think @Brigsy@Brigsy took great pleasure in this haha.

    Mocal Oil cooler fitted
    20150809_132459.jpg 20150809_132827.jpg

    Slight alterations made to the bottom of the bumper, I wanted to keep it looking as OE as possible so really happy with the outcome, only a tiny bit of the IC shows.
    20150809_145502.jpg 20150809_154055.jpg 20150809_171342.jpg

    New oil feed with T piece fitted for Oil Pressure gauge.
    20150811_123710.jpg 20150813_160131.jpg 20150813_160136.jpg 20150813_160142.jpg 20150813_162646.jpg 20150813_162652.jpg 20150813_162658.jpg 20150813_170053.jpg 20150813_170057.jpg
    My helpers at it again

    All pipework plumbed in and ready to go.
    20150813_172715.jpg 20150816_181354.jpg 20150816_181400.jpg

    More power now means the OE tyres i had were no good so a set of Toyo R888r were purchased, not had chance to find out how good these are as its been damp lately. a good test will be at Blyton.

    Had the front bumper resprayed and also the house filled in to give it more of an OE look

    New strut brace fitted, bargain at £20 and then £20 for powder coating.

    New looking front end
    20150913_181212.jpg 20150917_180512.jpg 20150921_174742.jpg

    Carbon fibre badge purchased, i had a Renault one but it was too big, then seen this and thought why not....

    @Brigsy@Brigsy fitting the new Armtek rev limiter

    Had to purchase a new .64 rear, i had a .49 but had really bad surge issues. so swapped it over. still have a little surge. I need to check the size of the compressor wheel and a pressure test and go from there. The surge isn't bad but not desired....
    20151030_183212.jpg 20151030_183219.jpg 20151105_140706.jpg 20151212_141437.jpg 20151212_141637.jpg 20151212_142146.jpg 20151212_142158.jpg 20151218_135951.jpg

    So a lot of pics etc.... overall the cars performing really well its running about 19psi and she shifts. As above I've got to do a few more things this time home then hopefully turn the boost right up.
  6. Scott_higgy

    Scott_higgy Well-Known Member

    @andybond@andybond cheers bud ill tackle them straight away.

    as for head work I'm just thinking of a better air flow to try and help this surging, or am i looking at it wrong?
  7. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    I doubt very much the surge is to do with the flow in the head. It will be the carb , or the turbo.
    Scott_higgy likes this.
  8. Brigsy

    Brigsy Media Manager

    Seems like ages ago since doing all the graft. Goes well at 19lbs (y)
    Scott_higgy likes this.
  9. Scott_higgy

    Scott_higgy Well-Known Member

    Yeah seems a while now mate. Just about to go hook battery up and have a run out
  10. Scott_higgy

    Scott_higgy Well-Known Member

  11. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Looking forward to seeing this at Blyton mate :)
  12. Scott_higgy

    Scott_higgy Well-Known Member

    Its ok at 10 yards pal lol. still needs a lot of tlc
    Big Steve - Raider and andybond like this.
  13. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    If I am any closer than 10yards whilst you are on track , we are doing it wrong :)
  14. Scott_higgy

    Scott_higgy Well-Known Member

    true haha, more than welcome to have a pax ride
    Big Steve - Raider and andybond like this.
  15. Mark Davis

    Mark Davis Well-Known Member

    Scott_higgy likes this.
  16. Scott_higgy

    Scott_higgy Well-Known Member

    So I'm all checked in waiting for the paraffin budgie to come get me and take me back to civilisation.

    It gives me time to think of the jobs I need to do on my leave.

    Well it's booked in for a full valet and clean tomorrow ready for the Northern Renault meet with PFC magazine coverage. Then I'm down rotherham for a few days on a course. Once I'm back the work will start.

    In no particular order my tasks are:

    Check the compressor size on my Gt2560r,
    Re-hang my exhaust as it's not sitting right,
    Possibly look to move expansion tank to driver side scuttle area,
    Take the head off and send it to CTM for full head work,
    Sort my passenger seat rail as it's not moving,
    Sort my electric windows out as they are so slow,
    Fit new speakers in the front and back.

    Also need to build a work bench I the garage.

    Hopefully I'll get it all done but I have 2 courses to attend this time home so my 3 weeks leave will be down to 2 weeks.

    Updates to follow......
    andybond and Mark Davis like this.
  17. Mark Davis

    Mark Davis Well-Known Member

    Get amongst it mate.
  18. Scott_higgy

    Scott_higgy Well-Known Member

    It's trying to find the balance between happy wife and divorce haha
  19. Mark Davis

    Mark Davis Well-Known Member

    Tell me about it, I'm making all sorts of sly purchases with a wedding coming up in 3 months.
    Scott_higgy likes this.
  20. Scott_higgy

    Scott_higgy Well-Known Member

    I bought a shit load of tools this tone away but I also spent a fortune on kids presents so Ithat seems I've got away with it lol
    Mark Davis likes this.
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