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R5 Gordini (Non-Turbo) wheel hubs

Discussion in 'Modifying' started by RenaultMosjoen, Feb 5, 2014.

Discuss R5 Gordini (Non-Turbo) wheel hubs in the Modifying area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. RenaultMosjoen

    RenaultMosjoen Active Member

    I´m currently trying to convert my ´82 R5 GTL with a 1.4 n/a Gordini engine. Today I tried to see if the driveshafts would fit into the hubs on my car, unfortunately they did not. So it appears I need gordini hubs for the Gordini driveshafts to fit... Does anyone have any hubs lying around which they want to get rid of?

    Is there anything else I may need to convert the car into a "Gordini"? So far I have got the front crossmember, driveshafts and exhaust manifold, inlet manifold + carb and a few ancillaries. I have not got a Gordini radiator, which I suspect I may need..
  2. Goldini

    Goldini Well-Known Member

    Front Hubs, Torsion bars, top suspension wishbones, anti roll bar, rear anti roll bar and rear arms. Smaller bonnet catch fitting to clear the rocker cover. complete exhaust and fittings to take silencer across the rear of the vehicle, heat shield between fuel tank and silencer. Gas shock absorbers. Air cleaner and space in the boot for the spare wheel. If you want any specific pictures let me know and I will take them of mine.
  3. RenaultMosjoen

    RenaultMosjoen Active Member

    I see, a lot of parts to get hold of then! I should have got hold of a rusty R5 Gordini and use parts from that, but they´re becoming hard to find.

    Do you, or anybody else, have any clue where I might find the bits I´m missing?
    I have posted a few places, and I am of course checking ebay if any parts crop up.
  4. Goldini

    Goldini Well-Known Member

    the hubs and wishbones I may be able to get shortly, shocks are still available new, exhausts are still available but you will need to copy the routing and mounting points. where about's are you?
  5. RenaultMosjoen

    RenaultMosjoen Active Member

    Very good! Do you know how much it would cost for the parts?
    I am in Norway, but it is possible to send parts to a UK address.

    Also, I was wondering if the brake calipers from a TL/GTL will fit on the Gordini hubs?
  6. ren5gord

    ren5gord Well-Known Member

    The wishbones are basically the same the gordini ones they just have flat steel plates welded to the top and of the top wishbone and the bottom ones have a plate on the under side.

    This is to stiffen them up.

    Its the hubs you really need, i will have a look and see what i have i may have a pair.

    As for the rear arms as long as yours are the pressed steel type then all you need to do is drill 2 holes in each arm to take the roll bar. They are the same on all 5s if they are the pressed one

    I may also have a set of torsion bars about. I will have a look at the wkend.

    Front brakes discs are the same on all 5s but the piston in the caliper is bigger on the gordini.
  7. RenaultMosjoen

    RenaultMosjoen Active Member

    Let me know if you find the hubs and how much you want for them. In two weeks time I will be able to collect them from a UK address so would be great if they could be sent as soon as possible.
  8. RenaultMosjoen

    RenaultMosjoen Active Member

    Specifically 28th february I will be in the UK and will be able to collect parcels sent to a UK address.
  9. RenaultMosjoen

    RenaultMosjoen Active Member

    Hi again,

    any news on the wheel hubs? :D
  10. ren5gord

    ren5gord Well-Known Member

    Only just had chance to look tonight. I have a set of torsion bars and front / rear anti roll bars and a gordini heat shield as well. Yours for £120.

    I do have one more place to look for the hubs which I will check at the wkend.

    I also have a set of gordini gauges as well. Let me know if you want any of this
  11. cliché guevara

    cliché guevara Well-Known Member

    Torsion bars - yes

    Top suspension wishbones-yes BUT there are 2 different shapes,the propper 'Dini ones are strengthened with a plate.You may be able to find the right shaped ones without the plate and plate them yourself.

    Lower wishbones-Up to you.Again 'Dini ones are strengthened but you could strengthen them yourself.

    Front and Rear Anti Roll Bar-Yes,but whether you have cast iron or pressed steel rear trailing arms the mounts are there for the Rear Anti Roll Bar you just need the clamps.The Atmo Gordini has a slightly different Anti Roll Bar to the Turbo due to the exhaust path.

    Also you will need the Pedals from a 'Dini if your GTL does not have power brakes.The stud pattern for the servo is different to the stud pattern of the non assisted master cylinder.

    As you are in Norway you will probably be able to find a Volvo 360GLT radiator which I'm fairly positive is the same as the 'Dini one.

    If I was in France I could have supplied all of the above as my parents barn if full of my R5 spares but I'm in New Zealand :(

    Good Luck
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