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R5 gordini how do i increase horse power?

Discussion in 'Modifying' started by herb2000, Oct 13, 2013.

Discuss R5 gordini how do i increase horse power? in the Modifying area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. herb2000

    herb2000 Well-Known Member

    Could do with some advice from the experts!!!
    Just bought my first gordini turbo and want to upgrade power.
    Whats the biggest turbo i can fit?
    Turbo intercooler where would i get one from?
    I have seen somewhere on the net a gordini with twin carbs, where could i get one?
    My engine is out at the minute, any suggestions what to do before it goes back in? I.e change anything? Any upgrades? Any servicing?
    The gear box has been reconditioned so going to replace the clutch.
    All your suggestions would be a great help.

    I'm a bit addicted to getting this car up and running so i shall be checking here every 10 minutes!!!
  2. mrdini

    mrdini Well-Known Member

    A Gordini with twin carbs is probably a non turbo na model
    If you are going to buy a clutch with a view to increasing power output you will need a paddle kit, don't waste time and money on a standard clutch!
    If it's your first turbo car you should search the web with regards to power increases safely,
    Bearing in mind that a Gordini turbo is a suck through fuel setup,
  3. herb2000

    herb2000 Well-Known Member

    Seen a paddle clutch for £349 is that about the going price?
    Been reading up on turbo's
    Is a suck through the best option?
    Noticed a blow through can be intercooled which i take it would be better?
    Which would be the easiest?

    As you can see i'm a little brain dead but very keen to learn!!
  4. herb2000

    herb2000 Well-Known Member

    Just been watching a program, they did a head skim & port to increse horsepower, how much would power would this increase my car?
    Is it expensive and where could i have it dine?
  5. mrdini

    mrdini Well-Known Member

    Maybe call up some clutch manufacturing company to get some price comparisons
    Mardi gras Motorsport in silverstone have a website and they used to list a helix paddle kit on there, think it was 300 all in plate and updated cover by helix,
    I wouldn't bother with expensive turbos personally, the one you have is fine for now
    It is possible to use an intercooler with the suck through setup but you will need to look into it properly,
    You may not need an intercooler at all, what sort of power are you hoping to achieve,
    Power equals headaches and money usually
  6. herb2000

    herb2000 Well-Known Member

    I was hoping to get 170 to 190 hp if its possible.
    Been looking at a 1 2 3 ignition setup around £330 take it this will just give reliability and not horse power?
    Do you think the head skim & port would be a good idea?
  7. mrdini

    mrdini Well-Known Member

    Are the 123 ignition kits relevant for turbo cars? I didn't think so but may be wrong,
    I'm no expert on these cars or engine engineering but Renault state somewhere I think in the Haynes manual that the head should not be skimmed only minimum to flatten and skim and port does this mean port the inlet and exhaust chambers or the combustion squish area?
    Skimming the head I would think would increase the compression ratio?
    Which is fairly high already on a Gordini turbo
    With a standard suck through setup and the addition of some means of charge cooling and maybe some adjustments to your carb that power is doable I would think
    It would involve a increase in boost pressure which needs to be done in conjunction with testing for air fuel ratio and carb adjustment to be safe,
    Personally 170- 180 hp would be my limit as you may run into problems chasing more using the cars standard equipment
    Unless you start spending lots of money and moving away from what the car is
  8. ren5gord

    ren5gord Well-Known Member


    I would suggest you just put the car back together, make it standard. If you want something to modify then i would buy a GT turbo as all the bits are available for them.

    The Gordini already has electronic ignition. It is alot of work to intercool it properly (blow through carb setup) it can be done with the draw through carb but it is far from ideal.
  9. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    I must side with ren5gord here.
    Keep the car standard.

    It is a quick car left alone and even quicker with a good driver at the wheel.
    I use to club rally mine in the 80s, not much it could not out run,
    The only thing I changed was to fit soft 185 65 13s (they were speed rated remoulds of all things far better than the 175 65 13 pirelli fitted from new) to it and ot the waste gate to open a tad sooner to get extra life from the car.
    It lasted 130,000 miles on the same engine and turbo driven had all its life till it was nicked and burnt out.
    The parts to repair are getting harder to find and more expensive all the time. Remember this is a 1950s based engine.

    All the turbo businesses I have spoken too about the turbos for the Gordini have told me that if I have the turbo rebuilt and up graded- 360 bearings, double oil seals then they would NOT give a warranty as it is expected that you are upping the boost etc.

  10. herb2000

    herb2000 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the info.
    Will prob just have the turbo re conned, might get the head done
    And upgrade to a paddle clutch
  11. mrdini

    mrdini Well-Known Member

    Paddle clutch on needed for significant power increases save your money,
  12. ren5gord

    ren5gord Well-Known Member


    I would not fit the paddle clutch if you intending to use the car on the road.

    I have one in my car and it makes driving in traffic really difficult and the clutch life just disappears everytime you have to slip it.

    You will be lucky to see 3000miles out of it then you will have to get it relined and the flywheel refaced as well the pressure plate might also then need changing.
  13. herb2000

    herb2000 Well-Known Member

    What clutch would you recommend?
    I was going to fit adjustable coilovers all round also, good idea or not?
    Turbo re con or buy a new one? Whats the biggest safe turbo i could fit?
    I understand that engines run better when cooled right?
    Any ideas on a upgraded cooling system?
  14. ren5gord

    ren5gord Well-Known Member

    To fit coilovers you will need to strengthen the body to take the load.

    Keep it standard and buy a gt turbo which has already been modified it will be just as fast and all the bits are available off the shelf.

    Have you got any pictures of ur gordini?
  15. sparkie

    sparkie Well-Known Member

    its a well trodden path you are about to go down.

    you do realise that its torsion bars all round? = you could fit coilovers, but whats the point? - just adjust the torsion bars until you cannot get over speed bumps, that way you wont need to drive past cos you'll spend too long looking up at other cars wheels and avoiding pebbles in the road.

    fit the slightly uprated clutch from mecaparts.- turn the boost up to about 12psi and live with it. sure a standard fiesta st will eat you alive, but thats not the point - your car is 30 years old and cool.
    if you get the turbo rebuilt, make sure they fit a new carbon seal - if they dont you turbo will leak oil into the engine and will smoke badly.

    btw gt turbo prices have shot up, you can buy gordini turbos for less money these days.....
  16. herb2000

    herb2000 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad i joined this site, if it was'nt for all you opinions i would of ended up spending a fortune and ended up driving a bag of bolts!!
    I would like my car to have a bit more power than standard but nothing OTT!!
    Since owning the car my friend has got the bug like me!! And now has decided that he wants one also

    So if you hear of one for sale, drop us a line.
  17. cliché guevara

    cliché guevara Well-Known Member

    There is no weight on those front wheels,if you go for anything above 130bhp you are goung to have to start putting sand bags on the bonnet.Best go for a good tune up=mild increase in power and shed some weight from the car.They are an absolute hoot as standard.Whatever you do though DO NOT FIT A DUMP VALVE!!!Or you will loose your eyebrows!!
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