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Pssst Podders - Your Old TX

Discussion in 'General' started by malcolm, Jun 9, 2011.

Discuss Pssst Podders - Your Old TX in the General area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. malcolm

    malcolm Well-Known Member

    You are supposed to gas purge but I put up with some oxidation inside the pipe.

    The silencer came from Birchalls Automotive. They made it to my design. Brilliant job and only 70 quid. Should have designed in a little absorption as it sounds tinny. Might cut an end out and add some in.

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  2. malcolm

    malcolm Well-Known Member

    The TX moved this week under it's own power for the first time in over a year. Only needs a day of work for the MOT and another week on the cosmetics. If It hadn't been so cold it might have had the MOT already.

    I'm moving house next week and the new house is a project in itself. I won't have a workshop for a few months so the TX will have to wait in a barn. It has good company in there. With luck I'll be able to report more some progress in the summer.

    Last owner was over today and had a look. He's pleased with it - said he thought it would be scrapped.
  3. jeff67

    jeff67 Well-Known Member

    Terrific work Malcolm. The exhaust work is fantastic, and the car looks great. Mine should have been under it's own steam too but I'm having troubles getting it started, and the cold weather's making extended diagnostic sessions a bit unattractive.
  4. podders

    podders Well-Known Member

    Any updates? Would love to see any pictures of my old car as and when it is ready.

    Cheers. Hoping she's had a good rest in that barn.

  5. malcolm

    malcolm Well-Known Member

    It's a true 99 percent finished project. I could wander up to the barn for a morning and MOT in the afternoon. Haven't yet but will do next year.

    The new house is fab but things are going slower than planned and planning has only just gone in for the garage.
  6. podders

    podders Well-Known Member

    Any news on the renovation Malcolm?

  7. malcolm

    malcolm Well-Known Member

    Hi Podders,

    I had to move the car out of the barn last month and she is now on my driveway awaiting attention.


    It's brilliant to have the car here so I can play with her. I pulled the silencer off and modified it a couple of weeks ago to make the car less noisy. That worked OK. The silencer was my own design and I forgot to add e-glass. Sounded like a race car.

    I think the front suspension is way too high. I'll check the manual for ride heights. Other than that I just need to tighten up some suspension bolts and have a general go around before the MOT.

    From there the bumpers and wheels will need paint (rear bumper is from a Le Car and is silver), and the wheels need refinishing and fitting with the right size tyres.

    I will hopefully get an MOT this year but I'm mad busy with house renovations, planning for a new garage, and all the normal crap like work.
  8. malcolm

    malcolm Well-Known Member

    I forgot to ask you Podders - the starter motor doesn't engage properly all the time. Turn the key and 4 times out of 5 it spins like mad and doesn't engage in the flywheel.

    I tested it when the engine was out and it worked perfectly every time (of course).

    Can you think of any clues that might help fix it? I recall reading you fitted it. Did it ever work or has it broken since?
  9. malcolm

    malcolm Well-Known Member

    The TX has MOT and tax for the first time in 7 years!

    I wondered if a good drive would fix some of the problems caused by years of storage, and one by one the problems are going away by themselves - the clicking speedo cable doesn't click any more, and the starter works more of the time.

    I still have hunting at idle and have read a few of the posts on here about that so will check. The car feels slightly lean on the first venturi, then fine on the second, but not as fast as my R4 Gordini. The second venturi keeps blocking though. Needs a good carb clean up.

    The exhaust is way too loud. There is a disturbing boom on the motorway and it is a bit embarrassing through town.

    Otherwise all good. Really steady comfy ride and fab steering.

  10. malcolm

    malcolm Well-Known Member

    Rather than hijack another thread a quick update here. The car hasn't been in use because of the starter motor and a blockage in the secondary jet which I couldn't find or shift.

    I took the carburettor apart and blew all of the jets out (for a 4th time). It was spotless inside. Thinking that wouldn't work I fitted a slightly smaller air correction jet on the secondary to try to compensate for the weak running. It's running perfectly now!

    Starter motors are fun to change on these things. Mine had been badly reconditioned and the motor span before the solenoid engaged.

    Big Steve - Raider likes this.
  11. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    A great read @malcolm@malcolm, you've done a really good job with your fabrication.
  12. gtmatt

    gtmatt Well-Known Member

    Great work
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