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My Current 21 In Pictures

Discussion in '21 turbo' started by la21t, Feb 8, 2014.

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  1. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    Originally belonged to Nomura Bank, sold by a very little Renault dealership in a small part of London called Kentish Town. It was used regularly until 1998 where it was dry stored until 2004/05, a known vulture picked it up and remarkably it didn't get broken for bits, he sold it to Lewis Cole who had plans for it until he bought BOB from Roger Hewitt. Lewis left it on his driveway for 2 years but relieved it of an engine, gearbox and interior. That's where I came in.....I'd had a fair number of 21's over the years but left France for Germany in the form of an M3. Fabulous tool but boring and I needed something to do in order to escape the now ex.

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  2. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    Among many things like a rotten steering rack mount one of the first job wass these and order new front and rear calipers, all new copper piping and braided hoses too.

    First job.jpg
  3. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    Many things were going on simultaneously.......low mileage ph3 engine and box collected from Barry, many new bits were bought, I tried mainly to buy brand new only where feasible Low mileage ph3 lump sourced in Wales.jpg with matching gearbox.jpg Newness.jpg Home she comes.jpg
  4. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    Once I got it home I stuck it in the garage and left it for about 8months doing only odd bits here and there, I contemplated selling it until Feb 2011 saw me sell the M3 and buy a 172, went upto a dyno day at Kenobi's (I think) and seeing all the 21's and my 21 mates kicked me up the arse. Among many conversations with DaveL485 we decided which way to spend my money and it was decided a Quaife ATB would be installed, so off to Chris Cole of Mach 1 Transmissions went the box. Thats when it all kicked off at quite a rate.....my wallet took a battering but it was an enjoyable battering. I think I enjoy spending money on it more than driving it haha
    Quaife Inside.jpg Brake overhaul.jpg Slow but sure.jpg Up & Running.jpg
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  5. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    Finally running and this is where my input ended as I couldn't paint at Nursery never mind a car....... Heater Matrix.jpg No more wet seats.jpg Ready for paint.jpg Almost there.jpg Done (almost).jpg Trims n things.jpg Abuse time.jpg Lee Car.jpg
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  6. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    The seats are great but are up for sale. If someone wants them I'm looking for £400 or a swap for something equally as mint but a little more comfy for a 14stone bloke.

    Since completion (are they ever complete) I've fitted a bigger rad alloy rad, a Cosworth T34, hybrid Cosworth/21 exhaust creation, VXR injectors, the shocks were sent back to GAZ for a rethink as the car drove like basketball in a straight line and cornered like a rugby ball and the most important addition is the Adaptronic 440 Select ECU fitted and mapped by Scoff.
    It now makes 251bhp and 300lbft on a standard engine.

    A cam is about to be ordered to slide into the head I've had done. Hopefully by end of May this will be ready to go back upto Scoff for more mapping.

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  7. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Love it. Proper hooligan car.
  8. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    I have to say a big thanks to DaveL485...for the help, input and general mateyness
  9. R5 Skywalker

    R5 Skywalker Well-Known Member

    Gotta love a 21. There is a grey one going around the Hockley area in Essex- do u guys know it? Gotta say I'd love one!

    the paint work looks so good in them pics. Is turbo renault having a dogging Sesh somewhere this year? Pod????
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  10. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    I have to say, he did a splendid job on the paint......it was done twice in the end cos the painter wasn't happy with it. I wanted it to look like new window rubbers as opposed to completely matt. I can polish it and it comes up sheeny haha

    My only gripe is that you can see masking lines around the rear quarters and it peeling a bit....BUT the whole lot was done for free, so I really do have no moans at all.
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  11. roddy21t

    roddy21t Well-Known Member

    Fair amount of effort went into that Lee, it's looking really good, well done.
    Something about 21t's that are just great ...
  12. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Love you too sweety pie....we ain't done yet though. Unless 250bhp is enough? ;)
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  13. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    Little update:

    After a long wait for the French postal service I pulled the engine out at beginning of May in readiness for a complete rebuild.
    The courier dropped me a large box comprising of everything except new castings inc H-beam rods somewhat laughably rated to 700bhp. Piper delivered me a cam and stronger valve springs, so I went and picked up my head and a rebuild ensued.

    On Friday morning it was all back in and lumpily running, a test drive has shown no fluid leaks and nothing untoward. Friday afternoon I went over to put the front of the car back together and meet the windscreen fitters, I then went to drive it home and I now have no spark, well I do but only when I first turn the key.

    Might just courier it to Scoff and leave it there lol
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  14. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Do you have Chrome remote desktop, and an internet connection at the car?
  15. Lewis

    Lewis Well-Known Member

    When do I get a passenger ride?
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  16. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member


    I went to see Sir Scoff yesterday.
    I'll start with this......I did 239 miles consuming 13.5 gallons. When I got to Scoff I filled up again with 13.8 gallons.

    A days, relatively untroubled, mapping took place. First few runs it made 203bhp & 219lbft @ 12psi then it got serious and after we swapped some vacuum hoses over it made [email protected]
    This then crept up to 279bhp & 271lbft. A little play with cam timing, retarding it 5degrees saw [email protected] but I was 1 degree away from knock and I had run out of Octane points. Chris gleefully said 'Ive no doubt that with 102RON we'd see 310bhp here'. A further play culminated in 0.5 degree retarded and a result of 283bhp&[email protected]

    A result I'm over the moon with as it meant my hunch has been right all along. You don't need uprated pistons and liners if the fuelling is correct.
    My day was made for me when Scoff said 'fuck me it idles like a group B car this'

    As I said at the beginning, he started mapping with 13.8 gallons, I drove out with 11.2 and covered 361miles to get home and pulled up with 2.2 still in the tank and it was a very spirited drive home.
  17. andybond

    andybond Staff Member


    Fuel right and you dont need anything uprating. Its the old school mentality dieing out. Rods might bend but thats a given ..
  18. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    I changed rods in anticipation of this ;)
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  19. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    this awesome, are there many running more power than this?
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  20. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    John Wheeler has a 310bhp 8v lump sat doing nothing, and a 356bhp 12v lump in an A610. 11.1 on the standing 1/4.
    Dips has 260-odd brake but it was limited cos of valve float- a valuable learning that enabled Lee to push up to what we expect Dips will make once the valve springs are sorted.
    Karl Herrods car is 251bhp but hasn't moved in 4 years (hope thats going to change soon)

    They are the highest figures I would attest to.

    Renault did 300bhp in the Europa Cup cars and 440bhp (!) in the Superproduction car....and that was in 1988!
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