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Discussion in 'Renault 5 GT Turbo' started by bbob, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. bbob

    bbob Well-Known Member

    I figured it was time for me to start my own project thread, documenting the trials and tribulations of owning a car that is incredibly rare in this country, and having the wonderful record of being the only 5 without a proper entry in the haynes manual, and almost no online presence! :D

    a couple of bulletpoints regarding the GTE:
    it's a GTT with an f3n EFI engine.
    it has ph1 GTT shocks even though it's a ph2.
    it has parts in the engine bay not mentioned anywhere in the haynes manual.
    it has a ECU box hidden somewhere...
    it confuses me.

    anyway, it's easter holiday, and finally time to bring the old white duplo block out of hibernation! hurray!
    still on winter tires, as i have to cross the mountains driving back after the holidays.
    all 8 hubcaps for the original alloys and stock airbox has been thrown away by a former owner who obviously thought they were stupid.
    Luckily i have some nice Ronal turbos waiting for me back in oslo, and i do enjoy the awful racket of the "hot air intake" :cool:

    unfortunately, neither the foglights, horn or radiator fan worked when i bought it.

    an easy fix i thought, but after changing both the front wing relays and the radiator temperature switch to no avail, i'm starting to suspect i was overly optimistic :rolleyes:
    all the fuses look fine, and i can't find any obviously loose plugs, so i guess next up is dismantling the front bumper and headlights to gain access to all the wires, and check for any breaks or faulty earth. :(

    it least the fan works when i short it, and the left relay clicks when i try the horn, so thats two of the many possible faults eliminated...


    other then that, the clutch pedal is a bit stiff at the release point, the doors are sagging and the oil sump plug is a bit leaky... but at least its pretty rust free :p

    future plans?
    i've got a cup-chipped ECU laying around, so i will probably get hold of a matching cup-cam eventually, and maybe lower it a tiny bit.
    but for now i guess i should focus on getting everything working properly first.

  2. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Looks smashing that ! must be a mare keeping that on the road in Norway.
  3. bbob

    bbob Well-Known Member

    the biggest problem so far (apart from the confusing electrical system) is trying to figure out which parts are the same as on the GTT and therefore safe to order online :D
    andybond likes this.
  4. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    No chance of a sneaky engine swap I guess ?
  5. bbob

    bbob Well-Known Member

    i will probably cave in one day and do just that, but for now it will keep the 1.7l lump.
    i've had a 1972 mini in parts, slowly materializing since 2007, and i dont need another half finished project taking up precious space just yet :cool:
  6. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Did you hear that ?

    That my friend is the sound of inevitability.
    bbob likes this.
  7. Hey og velkommen :)

    Have you look on the german ebay, for parts for the GTE, it was made for the german and Swiss market, after they made (catalysator) statutory.

    I do not now the English Word for the ( )
    bbob likes this.
  8. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Almost the same.

  9. bbob

    bbob Well-Known Member

    Hei tilbake! :drinks.gif:

    I keep a constant search for GTE specific parts just in case something useful shows up.
    I actually got the cup chip from a seller in Denmark, and it seems they sold a bunch of them in Sweden, though nothing interesting has come up for sale there yet ;)
  10. bbob

    bbob Well-Known Member

    pulled of the front bumper and found another relay hiding underneath the headlamp, together with a lot of unused wiring and tubing for headlamp washers(?).
    switched it out with one of the new ones under the bonnet, and now the air horn worked!

    i decided it was time to se if the rad fan worked again, and this time i was going to be brave, waiting for the temperature to get really high before shutting the engine down!

    the good news is the fan is working!
    the bad news is it cuts in halfway up to the last line.
    this got me thinking though.
    what if its the coolant temperature sensor that's giving me a wrong reading?
    when driving around normally, the temperature sits steadily at the third line, so perhaps its just reading half a line to high?

    i guess this is the sensor, as its plugged into the thermostat housing.
    looks like its been meddled with before...
    gotta try and find a multimeter and get a reading on that shit!
    andybond likes this.
  11. bbob

    bbob Well-Known Member

    things i learned today: without the grill there to stop it, the bonnet will fall all the way forward and smash the headlamp.


    also, the cooling temperature sensor read 2900 ohm when it's supposed to read 3400 ohm, so i guess it needs to be replaced to have the gauge display the correct temperature.
  12. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    There should be a thin metal wire attached to the bonnet and the inner front wing to stop the bonnet going to far.
    Brigsy likes this.
  13. bbob

    bbob Well-Known Member

    probably deemed unnecessary by the same guy who chucked the airbox and hubcaps :ireful2.gif:
    Big Steve - Raider and andybond like this.
  14. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Has it had a new bonnet in its time ? Or had it removed ? Most likely taken off then ..
  15. bbob

    bbob Well-Known Member

    the former owner had the water pump and headgasket replaced, so it probably disappeared back then.
    Big Steve - Raider likes this.
  16. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    Car looks great @bbob@bbob :)
    bbob likes this.
  17. gtmatt

    gtmatt Well-Known Member

    Nice car and rare also didn't know there was any at all in Norway @Kris M@Kris M
    bbob likes this.
  18. bbob

    bbob Well-Known Member

    changed the drivers side hinge pins today.
    top one went ok using a pin removal tool, but the bottom one was a bit trickier.

    i ended up pushing the old pin downwards, first with a punch, then the new pin once it fit, cutting the old pin in half using a dremel when it hit the bottom bend of the door.

    andybond and Big Steve - Raider like this.
  19. Lewis

    Lewis Well-Known Member

    Nice to say a GTE on the forum. I'm sure myself and others on here can assist with any part comparisons to gt turbo parts if it helps you out. I have an old but still useful version of Renault Dialogys parts software which comes in handy.

    I'm also interested in the alternator mounts/bracket and tensioner on the GTE model. Would you be able to get some photos of these for me?

    Also in your photos I've noticed the alternator fitted is not the standard item, it appears to be a later part which has an internal cooling fan. Would you be able to post the part numbers on the label please?
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2015
    bbob likes this.
  20. bbob

    bbob Well-Known Member

    i'll probably look into it and take some photos tomorrow.

    do you know if the clutch cable is the same for the gte and gtt?
    the clutch release is really sudden and "sticky" when starting from a standstill, making it really easy to kill the engine at stoplights.
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