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Discussion in 'Cars for sale and wanted' started by andybond, Oct 1, 2015.

Discuss GLACIER WHITE MODIFIED R26 in the Cars for sale and wanted area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    have completed project Megane. I have done what I wanted , and now its time to move on.

    Overview :
    08 plate megane R26 with 313.5 bhp , 325ibft with full service history. 61k. Years MOT. Wanted for nothing , drive it away and enjoy

    Images ( current )



    r26r rear spoiler
    gloss black wheels
    gloss black wing mirrors
    gloss black bullets

    Cooksport Springs < 1000mi ago
    Standard R26 suspension other than that.
    Front end rebuilt : <1000mi ago new inner and outer tie arms , drop links , swivel bearings , rack bush and tracked / aligned.
    New driveshafts ( put a brand new pair on ) less than 2000miles ago

    Federal RSR595 summer tyres. Around 3mm wear left.

    Brembo HC front discs <2000mi ago
    Ferodo ds2500 front pads <2000mi ago
    Clio 197 solid rears <2000mi ago
    Standard rear pads <2000mi ago
    Spanking new 5dot1 fluid around 40mi ago
    Brand new offside rear caliper

    Helix clutch system , with TTV flywheel

    Pipercross air filter
    Chinese Intercooler
    630cc Siemens Deka Injectors
    Megane 250 turbo
    RS Tuning 3 inch decat
    RS Tuning 3inch exhaust ( you try finding another! )
    Remaped to suit above mods.

    Service History
    Renault to start , then RS Tuning only using finest oil / filters / blood , sweat and tears.
    Belts done on 13 OCT 13 at around 50k - will confirm.
    If the car has needed anything it got it. Straight away. I have invoices from RST for just under £3500 alone.
    Just had a service done around 700miles ago.

    Years mot with zero advisories

    I have owned the car 3 years and 3 months.
    I bought the car with just under 30k on it , and have done the rest of the miles in various stages of tune. I have tracked and enjoyed the car in its latest stage of tune with zero issues. No oil is used and nothing is broken. Ill put a years ticket on it as its due mid next month.
    This car is finance clear and HPI clear

    Bad Bits
    The rear r26r spoiler needs repainting
    The wheels have been kerbed and touched up.

    If you want the car to be mint - Ill sort the wheels with a fresh powdercoat and fix up , and get the rear spoiler repainted and fitted.

    If you just want to take it away and sort yourself at your own leisure - £7500

    Complete build thread here : https://turborenault.co.uk/t33/
  2. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

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