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Discussion in 'Renault 5 GT Turbo' started by Adey, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    Cheers for that Mr S - it's looking like it might not be a lumpy one. It does sound smoother than my old CC variant.
  2. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    LOL - I've just got zero spare time atm Jon - We rent a property out which has just been wrecked, I've got a window to fit at mine, the cooper to get finished and sold. It's just not possible atm. Thinking longer term, I will get the GT2860rs repaired, get some work done to get bigger vlaves in a newer head and whack the CC in this block. But this is a few years down the line, I'm just about keeping my head above the £££ line without car stuff atm. But time is just as big an issue.
    Brigsy likes this.
  3. Brigsy

    Brigsy Media Manager

    I know exactly what you mean mate! Keep it going on the current setup until time allows :)
  4. Brigsy

    Brigsy Media Manager

    This is the tappet adjuster on mine with piper 285 so i guess yours is stock. 20150802_161052.jpg
    TNT Andy likes this.
  5. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    Cheers John - that pretty much sums it up.
  6. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Jesus Brigsy, they're low! Last cam I saw that was cut that much was @Andyquadra@Andyquadra and he put the locking nuts underneath the rocker arm LOL
  7. Brigsy

    Brigsy Media Manager

    When i ordered it from piper they ground it from a blank apparantly:confused:
  8. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    We're still here.

    Goto Go!
  9. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    Having troubles guys.

    I'm having a problem with a boost leek.

    The boost will build and hold @ 20 - 21 psi, but it takes an age when in 4th or 5th, and it's lost all it's potency.

    I've checked all boost pipes, joints, actuator / controller pipework which all seems acceptable. I thought there may be an issue with the throttle body above the cholk flap, but there is nothing that can leak there, so I pressurised the system from the carb side of things and blanked the turbo inlet. Can't build 1psi of pressure?????

    Any idea's why my turbo may be leaking?

    is it ok to test it that way?
  10. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Without pressure to the far side of the dump valve (from the manifold usually) it would open your dump valve, possibly?
    Could be leaking out of the actuator line from a bleed valve

    Can you smoke test?

    Have you checked the wastegate isn't stuck open a little bit? That would tie up with your symptom.
  11. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    OK, I'm not gay, sailor boy, so let's just get that right, and qualify it by not having a dump valve. So that clears that up.

    Wastegate? Surely the cold and hot side are completely isolated from each other? I've checked all vac lines and all hold boost.

    I'm thinking it could be turbo related, but what? If I where to fit a blank to the inlet of the turbo, and applied pressure from the outlet (all compressor side) should that be totally sealed?
    What and how do you smoke test?

    Thanks for trying as always Dave. :ay:
  12. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    If I saw a row of pink tents at a freddy mercury tribute weekend, they wouldnt be as camp as you ;)

    Have you confirmed a leak then? I'm just thinking of your symptoms, coming onto boost lazily with no leak would be a classic wastegate open symptom.
    Do you still get compressor surge/wastegate chatter when you lift off? When you have a boost leak of significance that usually changes, or tails off, as boost escapes through the hole. Usually you hear a leak too, when you're on boost.

    With a smoke tester!

    It basically fills the system with smoke, and where there's a leak you see smoke escaping.
  13. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Penny warped on the wastegate ? Looks like it shutting but isnt ? Possible crack around wastegate ?
  14. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    I have no retort for such a comment sweet cheeks XXX

    Hmmmm - all great points, I hadn't considered some of those points having been preoccupied with banana monthly, a lubed up special. That aside - Compressor surge is no longer as epic as it once was - I'll have to check to see what's happening in that department next

    I have no access to such equipment - I'm sure I could mock something up though if pushed - we have canned smoke at work.

    Another area to look at.

    Thanks for all your input - I'll take a look at every given opportunity and report back

    All our love Big Gay Andy N Fluff XXX
    DaveL485 likes this.
  15. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    ^^^ - first time using multi - quote - rather like that :)
    DaveL485, andybond and Adey like this.
  16. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    Found it!
  17. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    go on where was the issue?
  18. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    Front of the compressor housing 'was' a small lug which 'blanked' a hole where you can hook up vac line.

    That's blown out!

    Thank fook for that.

    Anyone know what thead it's likely to be?
  19. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Drop a bit of weld into it thread
  20. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member


    You must have seen my welding!!!

    Not a great idea!
    andybond likes this.
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