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electrical smoke!!!

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by rew, Jul 12, 2013.

Discuss electrical smoke!!! in the Troubleshooting and Repair area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. rew

    rew Well-Known Member

    I was driving my gordini Turbo the other day to Retro show and on the way back I stopped for fuel( left sat nav plugged in) then when I was driving within 5 minutes I started smelling this horrible electric smoke smell and saw electrical smoke coming from the passenger side of the dash and through the bonnet vent when I stopped.

    The fan was on Max and it was a hot day,the stereo was on and sat nav plugged in....

    As I was 80miles away from home I thought I would drive and see if it smoked again with everything off and it didn't....

    Made the rest of the journey home fine with no more smoke.

    However I drove my car tonight and the smell was back but no sign of smoke even though I left everything off...

    So I was wondering if anybody knows what is under the passenger side dash as I'm suspecting a relay or a heater blower malfunction? If so where is the fuse for the blowers?

  2. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    The smoke can only come from excess / over heating or burning.
    Resistance in a wire connection, damaged wire or overload all cause resistance and heat.
    The cause could be a number of things.

    Bad connection.
    Damaged wire, causing a short circuit.
    (I have seen this melt a battery.)
    Over load on a wire.
    (Basically an electric heater.)
    Some thing electrical burning out, motor may be or a
    circuit board in a radio?
    The fag lighter socket usually has a high rated fuse, change it to a smaller one if you do not need the lighter.

    Use your nose and follow the smell,
    then your eyes to look fore burn marks, wire degrading and loss of insulation. Check all connections one by one, open / undo them and again look for overheating. Over heating usually causes the wire insulation to become brittle.

    Replace or properly repair any damage or faults found.
    Use a circuit diagram.

    Electrical fires are very dangerous, even low voltage ones.
    It is not the voltage that is the problem it is the power behind it. AMPS.

    I recommend that every one with a classic car SHOULD fit a battery isolator switch such as used in motor sport with a removable key for extra anti theft security.

    By the way I am an electrician, houses, public and industrial not cars but the faults are usually the same and end with the same results.

  3. rew

    rew Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice will strip it down later to check. Has anyone got a list of what fuse does what? My car doesn't tell me
  4. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    Here are a few 122b electrical diagrams for a Renix 009 fitted car.
    Page 1 starts with fuses.
    As I live in France the language is no problem.
    Pages are a little jumbled,
    3 2 1
    then 6 5 4
    then 9 8 7
    then 12 11 10
    last 15 14 13

    hope it helps
  5. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    second lot
  6. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    third lot
  7. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    fourth lot
  8. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    Last three
  9. Goldini

    Goldini Well-Known Member

    the last time Gordon had electrical smoke it was an earth wire burning out because the main earth wire was disconnected from the gearbox
  10. rew

    rew Well-Known Member

    The verdict is......
    Heater blower motor had burnt out,does anyone know where I can get a replacement?
  11. read6737

    read6737 Well-Known Member

    Did you follow your nose?
  12. rew

    rew Well-Known Member

    I did, and the fact the blower fan doesn't work now and used to before the smoke lol it stinks!! Need a new one or replacement if somebody can point me in right direction
  13. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

    Yes - I have loads in stock (all used). I'm a bit behind with parts orders at the moment - too busy at work. However, please PM me and I'll see if I can help,

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