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Clutches Info Needed

Discussion in 'Modifying' started by Spen, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. Spen

    Spen Well-Known Member


    What is the best clutch solution for running around 120 -140 bhp? I currently have a 180mm standard clutch. I dont want a paddle clutch. Is upgrading to 190mm worthwhile? Can the 200mm GT Turbo flywheel/clutch be fitted or will that cause too many problems with starter motor ect? Has anyone made a hybrid clutch using parts bin components? Ive found two clutches so far, Mecca (expensive at over 300 euro's) and a Panther kit for £170 on ebay? are they the only options? Sorry for all the questions..just dont want to get this up and running and get clutch slip.
  2. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    I would have thought an OE one would cope, whats the power from the factory?
  3. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    180mm is this in a dini turbo? you need a 190mm flywheel to go to the 190mm clutch, hard to find. ive seen the panther ones but tried them. i used to use a meca one in my last car, it was the uprated one for an atmo engine with a turbo cover plate. was doing well at about 160ish bhp.
  4. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    Standard will be fine for 120-140, but since you will be changing for a 190mm jobby, you may as well go for the Volvo Green uprated jobby. I have a Panther 4 paddle clutch in mine and has been great for over a couple of years hard abuse.

    If you need anything, I have a lightened and balanced flywheel, Clutch and cover plate sitting in my garage doing nothing ATM.
  5. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    i think this is in a mk1 @TNT Andy@TNT Andy gt turbo stuff is 200mm isnt it, and volvo 200mm and 215mm.
  6. TNT Andy

    TNT Andy Well-Known Member

    Ah ok - with everyone now.

    Sorry - my bad.
  7. Spen

    Spen Well-Known Member

    Yes sorry guys its a Gordini Turbo, I should of said that at the start. Is it a GT Turbo flywheel and clutch you have Andy? What stops a GT Turbo flywheel/clutch fitting the Gordini, is it the crank bolts, the starter motor or the gearbox splines. I thought I had seen Gordini Turbo engines in GT's or is just the heads fitted to GT Bottom ends?
  8. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    Won't fit in the bell housing
  9. Spen

    Spen Well-Known Member

    Ah Ok...will stop thinking about them now then..just needed to know :D
    Adey likes this.
  10. Gary

    Gary Well-Known Member

    Due to the cam pully the 180mm is biggest you can use, there is probably only 5mm spare in the bell housing, I am going to run a sprung paddle with group N pressure plate which they claim will take 400newtons torque?
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