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Clio 182 Supercharger Project

Discussion in 'Clio' started by Ricardo, Mar 15, 2014.

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  1. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    So I own a Clio 182 in Petrol Blue believed to be 1 of 29 registered in the UK. I've owned it for nearly a year now and in that time I've done about 16k in miles and it's been relatively trouble free and a pleasure to own. The bug for going forced induction has always been at the back of my mind, mainly turbo. the appeal of plenty more power and torque appealed to me, pound for pound much better than grinding out results going the ITB route. But in January this year a supercharger kit came up for sale (99% complete) fortunately funds were available for me to make the purchase, cheaper than going turbo and in my opinion a less painful route getting more power.

    So I picked the kit up from Southampton then set about buying all the parts needed to get this build complete.

    So here is the car and a list of mods already done:

    SPAX full coilover setup
    K TEC solid top suspension mounts
    K TEC braided hoses
    Ferodo DS2500 pads
    K TEC solid engine mounts
    Polybushed gearbox mount
    Scorpion exhaust and decat pipe

    PBShoot 053 by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    PBShoot 067 by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    PBShoot 078 by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    PBShoot 121 by Ricard o1, on Flickr
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  2. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    The Rotrex supercharger kit as bought, there really isn't much to it. There are parts to the kit missing but I'll post them up after. I also wanted to ditch the blue boost hoses and go for a more OE look so black pipes were needed.

    Rotrex supercharger and bracket
    Megane 225 injectors with phase 1 Clio 172 fuel rail
    Phase 1 Clio 172 fuel sender unit
    Walbro 255 uprated fuel pump
    Front mount intercooler and pipework
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Megane 225 injectors
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Boost pipe
    IMG_0996 by Ricard o1, on Flickr
  3. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    I couldn't do the conversion until I sorted another car for work, the Clio was going to be off the road for at least 4-6 weeks minimum so I needed a cheap car. Luckily friends were emigrating to America and had a diesel Laguna so I bought it, the only downside was I had to wait 4 weeks until they emigrated. This actually done me a favour as this now gave me enough time to start shopping and buy goodies for the supercharger conversion.

    New black boost hoses
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Boost run mocked up with the FMIC
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Better than these tired old blue hoses, i'll still need these to use for dimensions to cut the new hoses to these lengths

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Cambelt kit
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Valeo clutch
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Treat the engine bay to a new header tank
    IMG_1034 by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Spray paint for the intercooler
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Oil filter and sump plug washer
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Genuine ELF oil
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Genuine Renault waterpump
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Longer aux belt to allow for the supercharger pulleys
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Megane 225 crank pulley
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Genuine Renault Type D coolant
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr
  4. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    I pick up the Renault Laguna and have to say it's not a bad car to drive, this now means the Clio can be sent off to start work. Well another 1-2 week delay as the workshop is being sorted but that's fine as I still have things to buy

    Cheap runabout
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    An early finish at work and a sunny day so I paint the intercooler satin black to keep the 'stealth' look going
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Layers of black
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    A set of almost brand new Forge coolant hoses came up for sale so I bought them, yet again black in keeping with the OE look in the engine bay
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr
  5. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    So D Day, the Clio goes into the workshop to start the conversion. 1 last drive up there naturally aspirated and here she is
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Very first job, the supercharger replaces the aircon pump, so I won't have AC. This means the AC system has to be degassed and vacuumed to make sure nothing's left in the system
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    So I've left the Clio in the workshop that evening for my mate to start work. I'll be there in attendance throughout the conversion taking photos and making the coffee

    Day 2 and this is what I come in to see, front end taken off and the engine almost ready to come out
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Engine out and showing the less than year old dephaser unit and cambelt, we're doing away with the cambelt for a new genuine item
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Engine out
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Day 3, parts replaced with new starting with the Megane 225 crank pulley
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Cams locked pre cambelt change
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    New Valeo clutch fitted
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Old and new waterpump
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Signs of leakage on the old pump
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Gasket cleaned off the block
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    New pump in place
    IMG_1211 by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    The business end, Rotrex fitted
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Aux belt run including Rotrex charger in place
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr
  6. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    So that's it for time at the workshop, meanwhile I still have a list of parts to buy and jobs to do

    New jubilee clips for the Forge coolant hoses
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Clips fitted
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    Megane 225 spark plugs
    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr
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  7. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    So this is where I am in real time, I picked up the spark plugs on the Friday. I'll be back in the workshop on Monday, I still have a couple of bits to do today so there should be a couple more pics to add
  8. Dre5gtt

    Dre5gtt Well-Known Member

    Great stuff keep the pictures coming :)
  9. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    Awesome stuff, loved mine and this is giving me an itch to get another clio
  10. jamesc

    jamesc Staff Member

    Watching, interested!!
  11. danny4da

    danny4da Well-Known Member

    looks good mate, will have to take me for a drive once its done, the next time your about Swindon!
  12. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    A few more bits done in the time allowed this evening. Coolant hoses on, radiator in. Finished off the top inlet, thought I'd make it look a little different by sanding back the Renaultsport letters back to a half polished effort. Also mocked up the intercooler and pipe run, this should be all done next Monday. Once that's done the headlights and bumper can go back on, it should then resemble something like a Clio again. By the end of next week it should be back on all 4 wheels and rolling. It looks worse than what it is and there's no real graft to do, there's no rush in getting it there.

    I now need to source a phase 1 Clio 172 fuel sender unit and fuel lines, I have the phase 1 fuel rail just need everything else.

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr

    . by Ricard o1, on Flickr
  13. Andy M

    Andy M Member

    Going to be a hoot when finished!
  14. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    Fingers crossed 250hp
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  15. mattk

    mattk Well-Known Member

    Fantastic, I went out in one with around 240hp and it really did move. The power delivery was so smooth and tractable, just felt like a standard 172 but with a much bigger engine, can't wait to see this finished, and a really nice colour too :)
  16. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    I think we're looking another week or so until the build is done, regards mapping it needs to be booked in and with that there's a lead time of 2 weeks. So we're probably looking at the 3rd week of April, it's going to be taken up to Leeds on a trailer for mapping. I'll wait until it's 100% finished build wise instead of pre empting a finish then having to rush it to hit the target map date.
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  17. mattk

    mattk Well-Known Member

    Na don't rush it mate, just get it all done right the first time and get it right :yes3.gif: It'll be a little wolf in sheeps clothing :drinks.gif:
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  18. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    It's going to stay std exterior, well I'm tempted to buy some Matt Grey 16" OZ Ultraleggeras but other than that it will stay as it is
  19. R5 Skywalker

    R5 Skywalker Well-Known Member

    15" inch voodoos would look the nuts sprayed in gloss black :yes3.gif: ahhhh thank you
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  20. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    Hehe I think the Ultras will finish off the Clio nicely
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