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For Sale Blaupunkt stereo radio cassette

Discussion in 'Parts for sale and wanted' started by tca576, May 19, 2017 at 3:16 PM.

Discuss Blaupunkt stereo radio cassette in the Parts for sale and wanted area at

  1. tca576

    tca576 Active Member

    Hi, I'm selling a Blaupunkt stereo radio cassette that originally came out of a 1996 Clio RT. I'm fairly sure the same unit goes into the later CW2/3 and PH2 Clio 16v. As far as I know its in good working order but I don't have the code unfortunately!

    Anyone who is interested please follow this ebay link for full details;

    Blaupunkt Stereo Radio Cassette Player - Renault | eBay
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