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Back with a Raider - street sleeper

Discussion in 'Renault 5 GT Turbo' started by Markey Mark BD, May 29, 2015.

Discuss Back with a Raider - street sleeper in the Renault 5 GT Turbo area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. Markey Mark BD

    Markey Mark BD Well-Known Member

    Well I finally got back into another 5, this time a 5 which started it all off for me - a Raider
    My cousin bought one in 1993 when his was 2yrs old and ever since then loved to have one. After selling all my 5 stuff previously (including my red 5) I swore the only 5 that would bring me back would be a Raider. Well I got one!
    Some people may remember it off the other site, its been sat for while since the shell had a full respray so all I need to do is the mechanical side and put whatever engine I fancy in the front
    Here's some pics of her being loaded up from the previous owners house


    Once it got to mine I couldn't stand the standard height any longer so down it come! :grin.gif:



    As the title suggests this is going to be a street sleeper, the inside and outside will be completely original even the standard 13" wheels are staying (except for lowering and slightly bigger exhaust out the back)
    The engine though will be something I've been throwing together, its my take on the old Prima 1.7 conversion built with a better bottom end and a few of my own tricks. I've gone for carb to start with purely for cost at the moment as am still working on my '72 beetle too but when its all done a running at a later date I can convert it to efi quite easily

    I will update this thread when I've completed different sections of the build, getting the rolling shell sorted with new brakes and power steering first then tidy the interior then i'll fit the engine. I'll keep in stages so its easy to follow the thread, this time I have a simple plan and its being stuck too! :yes3.gif:
    Should be a nice build
  2. Brigsy

    Brigsy Media Manager

    Looks tidy =D(y)
  3. Chris Sadler

    Chris Sadler Well-Known Member

    Nice one, where did you pick it up from?
  4. Markey Mark BD

    Markey Mark BD Well-Known Member

    First thing after lowering the car I wanted to do was fit a new subframe as the old one was looking tatty so the engine that come with the car (and was returned to previous owner) was removed.
    This spare one I had was pretty tidy so only really needed a good wipe down and little paint here and there, I removed the wishbones and steering rack from this subframe as they were all being changed

    Got the old one removed then fitted new one

    I got some new wishbones and fitted some polybushes to them, they went on next

    While the engine bay was bare I thought i'd trail fit the intercooler set up I managed to find too :grin.gif:
    Needs abit of a polish up but will do that when its going to be fitted its final time

    I will be removing the brake servo soon as I have this one to fit, you can see the one in the pics that's fitted to the car looking bit scabby. while its easy to get to I thought why not change it with new master cylinder

    I will be replacing the entire brake set up too for new items
  5. Markey Mark BD

    Markey Mark BD Well-Known Member

    I got it from the Kent area mate
  6. Chris Sadler

    Chris Sadler Well-Known Member

    Looks a nice buy mate, looking forward to the progress on her :D
  7. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    good work @Markey Mark BD@Markey Mark BD didnt take long for you to get back into a 5 (y)
  8. nad-5gtt

    nad-5gtt Active Member

    I've seen this car from under its sheet where it used to live and it's very clean. Looking forward to the updates
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  9. Kris M

    Kris M Well-Known Member

    Looks sweet mate!
  10. Spooky

    Spooky Well-Known Member

    Wont be as good as your old Campus Turbo :p

    Hope you're well Mark :D
    Adey likes this.
  11. Markey Mark BD

    Markey Mark BD Well-Known Member

    That campus was a proper sleeper wasn't it mate! :grin.gif:

    All well here mate, hope all is good with you too
  12. Markey Mark BD

    Markey Mark BD Well-Known Member

    Made more progress on the Raider recently
    When I bought the car I always decided I wanted to fit power steering to it but I didn't want to custom mate anything, so I managed to buy a GTX with power steering as standard I removed everything off of it to fit to mine. I cleaned up all the brackets and pots cleaned up and mounted in to the engine bay where they would of sat in the GTX

    I got the steering rack fitted to the car too after a clean up and new gaitor boots but didn't get a pic of that. I've still got to clean up all the metal pipes which to to the rack and swap the bottom half of the steering column for a spline type to fit the new rack
    I then got all the pump and brackets fitted to the rebuilt bottom end i'm using for the 5
    I will come to what the engine is in abit
  13. Markey Mark BD

    Markey Mark BD Well-Known Member

    While I had the car on axle stands I fitted new discs, pads a cleaned up calipers to the front, just got to fit some braided hoses I acquired with some spare calipers I had
  14. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

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  15. j_carter

    j_carter Well-Known Member

    awesome, great to see legendary 5 owners still at it.
  16. gtmatt

    gtmatt Well-Known Member

    Nice one
  17. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

  18. Markey Mark BD

    Markey Mark BD Well-Known Member

    I've done lot more work to it, just need to have free evening to update the thread

    Got my beetle to do too as been asked if it can be used as a wedding car August next year so need to get that done too! Busy times ahead!
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2015
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  19. Markey Mark BD

    Markey Mark BD Well-Known Member

    So I've been doing bit more work to the Raider
    After fitting all the power steering to the car, fitting new brakes all round, new front wheel bearings and undersealing the rear of the car it was time to fit the engine I had been building for a while

    In short its my interpretation of the old Prima Racing 1.7 carb turbo engine they use to sell years ago, unlike them though I haven't used a complete GTX engine
    Why build one? Well as people who know me I like an 8v engine plus I done a lot of work on my old B18FT red 5 so wanted to continue the work making these a better alternative engine
    My engine as it stands is as follows
    -Rebuilt B18FT bottom end
    -GTX head with ported exhaust ports (done by myself)
    -Camshaft and strong springs from another engine (keeping secret for bit till know they work :grin.gif:)
    -F7P vernier pulley
    -Modified GTX inlet to accept 32DIS carb
    -Tubular manifold
    -Clio 16v flywheel
    -Helix complete paddle clutch
    -Borg Warner K03 turbo
    -38mm external wastegate
    That's the basic set up I have, there are more bits to it but yet to buy them
    I am starting with carb but at a later date will convert to efi, only reason can't do it now is funds. Doing a beetle too something had to give! Lol!

    Here was the engine mocked up little while ago. My beetle engine is sitting under the bench ready for fitting

    I got some spare time so mocked the engine up in the car with the MSM intercooler kit fitted

    I can say its abit tight in some area's, the rad fan switch might need moving once oil filter is on, bottom rad hose bit tight too but will sort something for it

    Since taking the pics I have trialed a spare 38mm external in there too to check fitment as I used one of those external adaptors off ebay, it just fits thankfully
    I did buy one of the clubs one piece downpipes but the turbo I bought wouldn't fit to it and I would of had to extend it so decided not to cut it up and sell it on, Will make my own one soon with a V-band on the back of the turbo
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2015
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  20. Markey Mark BD

    Markey Mark BD Well-Known Member

    Next on the list of things to do is get the head faced and cleaned up then assembled with valve springs and cam, got the gaskets already to bolt it down be nice to have that on as I can them start bolting stuff up perminantly.
    I do have a lot of brackets at work which I've sandblasted so I can paint them up, once they are all down they will get bolted up too

    Another mod i'm doing to the engine is fitting a Megajolt mapable ignition kit, with the boost i'm going to run I would like to at least control the ignition side.
    With the carb I managed to get hold of something bit different


    The jetting is bit different, not anything like I've seen before. Have got some info with it that explains the genuine grp A set up but need to translate it
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