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[23 Aug, 2015] Retro Rides Gathering 2015 (Worcester)

Discussion in 'Euro , National and Regional events' started by Adey, Apr 29, 2015.

Discuss [23 Aug, 2015] Retro Rides Gathering 2015 (Worcester) in the Euro , National and Regional events area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

Retro Rides Gathering 2015
Start Date: 23 Aug, 2015 08:00 AM
End Date: 23 Aug, 2015 02:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST

Shelsley Walsh
Shelsley Walsh, Worcestershire
Worcester WR6 6RP

Posted By: Adeyspec

Confirmed Attendees: 6
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  1. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    We had a great turn out last year so i have sorted us a parking area again for this year and it would be good to see more of you there (y)
    http://retroridesgathering.com/ is where the info is and tickets are. If your looking for a super chilled out day listening to some retro weapons doing runs up the hill or taking a look around some proper old school metal this is the place for you. One of the best events for me last year.

    look out for the dini


    Would be good to see you all there, club stand passes are available through myself, cars have to be 1995 or older to get on, new metal has its own parking off site (y)
    Last edited: May 1, 2015
    la21t likes this.
  2. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Should be fine, don't have the kids so i'm game!
    Adey likes this.
  3. gtmatt

    gtmatt Well-Known Member

    we got a stand or area so to speak ???
    Adey likes this.
  4. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    We have indeed :boast.gif:
    Big Steve - Raider and andybond like this.
  5. la21t

    la21t Well-Known Member

    Have always fancied going to this....
    DaveL485 and Adey like this.
  6. sie5gtturbo

    sie5gtturbo Member

    I'm going
    DaveL485 and Adey like this.
  7. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    2 months off, so who's game?
    andybond likes this.
  8. Mark Davis

    Mark Davis Well-Known Member

    Yeah, should be good and not too far for me.
    Adey likes this.
  9. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Hit the YES button at the top my good man. It turns into a bit of a snowball effect once people hit the yes ..
    Adey and Mark Davis like this.
  10. fishey

    fishey Well-Known Member

    Already got my tickets, the wife is being aloud to drive the 5 and I'm bringing the mini :-O
    Adey and andybond like this.
  11. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    andybond likes this.
  12. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D3

    EDIT: Emailed about hillclimb, theyre going to choose a selection from all applicants, hoping for a space as I doubt they will have any other cars like mine in there :D
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2015
  13. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    do it dave! get up there in the 21
  14. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    I'd say I have something different enough to stand a fair chance....
    Adey likes this.
  15. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    defo, get it done
  16. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Epic fail.

    andybond and Adey like this.
  17. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    oh ffs
  18. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    Ok boys and girls, nearly half our stand passes are now spoken for, so if you would like one please let me know, its on a first come first served basis
  19. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    I need another pass please, for Karl Herrod @KarlR21@KarlR21
    Adey likes this.
  20. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    ok no worries, ill add him to the list
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