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21 Turbo Quadra joins Renault 5 stable!

Discussion in '21 turbo' started by r5gordini, Nov 25, 2014.

Discuss 21 Turbo Quadra joins Renault 5 stable! in the 21 turbo area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

  1. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

    Hi All,

    Firstly, let me introduce myself. I'm Andrew and I run R5Gordini.co.uk. I've had Renault 5s since I was 15! I bought the red 21 Turbo Quadra that was on eBay recently. Yes, I may have paid over the odds, but I am happy with my purchase. I wanted a car I could use for a bit since all my R5s are currently broken. That's a good idea, I thought, buy another car that just works but will probably break as well! This one will be different (at least at first). I am planning to pay others to do the work so that I can just enjoy it for a bit. I also bought it because it appears to have been relatively well looked after and was ready to roll. However, it does need some work, which I will go into in a bit...

    My dad and I share the hobby and between us we have a collection of R5s - R5 Gordini Turbo, R5 GT Turbo EBS Cabrio, R5 Turbo 2. So the 21 joins a great collection!
    $(KGrHqZ,!o4FHE))5dinBR)YU+LyDQ~~60_57.JPG $T2eC16V,!)UE9s3wCO7TBR)YTf,+dQ~~60_57.JPG $(KGrHqR,!lIFGo+0Pu,lBR)YV4eRcQ~~60_57.JPG $T2eC16d,!zUE9s38+qPWBR)YWLMfl!~~60_57.JPG $(KGrHqV,!lsFGnHHwfU+BR)YW)ICpg~~60_57.JPG
    Now to my questions and list of work that I think needs doing ASAP, and thank you in advance to whoever responds...
    1. Cam belt. Changed in 2008 but very little mileage. Needs doing immediately or can wait a month or so? Change tensioner? Water pump? I'm not sure what drives the water pump...
    2. Brake hoses. Need doing
    3. Looking at the engine bay, what kind of coil pack is that? The previous owner told me that it had been replaced with a different one from original but I didn't really understand what he meant. By the way, the turbo heatshield is fitted, seems it was removed by the owner when he took the photo above
    4. Clutch reservoir has been replaced with a bleedable one. I understand that's a necessity these days!
    5. Recalls have been done - fuses for fans and oil feed hose (according to previous owner)
    6. The box whines when under power or when braking. It's always there in every gear and rises and falls with engine revs. Is this normal? It's not too loud. Almost liveable with. I have a spare 'box that the previous owner purchased for the best part of £500 so I think it might be a good one. Is changing boxes a big job? My local garage would do it for me but recommend I get the "new" box checked out first
    7. Strut top bearings. Creak and groan
    8. Sunroof doesn't open - jams on the left-hand side
    9. Computer - only works when the car is warm, and even then the only bit that works semi-properly is the fuel gauge part. I have another set of instruments. Easy job to get them out?
    Body-wise, the car seems solid. I've not had a really good look, but the previous owner has had the car since 1996 and maintained it himself. He replaced the sills a few years ago. There's a bit of crustiness in the wheelarches that is only revealed when you open the rear doors.

    Apart from the above, the car drives really nicely. Straight, true, comfortable and solid on the road. Handles like nothing else I've ever driven and the grip is truly astonishing!

    Now onto performance:
    1. I feel the car is fantastic but a little lacking in ultimate power. It feels like it wants just a bit more power to make it truly fast. I'd be aiming for a little over 200bhp if I can
    2. I do not want to alter the basic character of the car but I want to subtly improve it
    3. It has been de-catted and has a Scorpion exhaust
    4. It has an in-car adjustable boost bleed valve, but as far as I can ascertain, it makes no difference to the boost pressure
    5. I don't want a loud dump valve. Recirc is fine (I think)!
    6. Can I just turn up the turbo wick a bit? I've done that on my Gordini and improved the fuelling and it goes like the clappers. I'd be happy to experiment with that first. Does the EFI automatically compensate? How far can I go on the standard gauge? Does the ignition retard on knock?
    7. After that, what's the next thing to do without fundamentally changing the car? Where's the best source of aftermarket chips or otherwise?
    And bits that I would like:
    1. Original leather interior - the previous owner swapped it for cloth as he preferred it (leather too slippery, too cold in winter and too hot in summer). What are others' opinions? I think that leather is very desirable but I'm after an interior in great condition
    2. Boot badges. I want people to know it's a Quadra! The holes have been filled. Easy enough to find and re-drill them without making a mess? Does anyone have the badges? I need a full set as the whole car has been debadged
    3. Gear knob? Unobtanium? I suppose it's not a problem really
    Looking forward to hearing others' thoughts!

    Last edited: Jan 30, 2015
  2. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

    Disappointingly debadged rear... Also note the gap between the rear door and the quarter. The other side is better! $(KGrHqZ,!lwFH!66JrMIBR)YWeYwzw~~60_57.JPG
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  3. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

  4. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Hi :)

    That would be me then. I have a very unhealthy and costly love of these things. I think it's a genetic disorder.

    Belt service is every 72,000 or five years. With little use you should be OK but plan on doing it soon. If you want it doing, I can help you out. Tensioner, if you are keeping it yes, best do it now cos its a long service interval. Water pump I only change when it needs changing they're pretty hardcore. Pump driven by the first aux belt, crank-water pump-Alternator. The second aux belt drives the power steering pump.

    braided lines tighten the pedal up nicely. Plan to have broken bleed nipples.
    Look like std coils as far as I can see. Its a J-plate anyway so its a dizzyless car. Maybe he just meant he fitted aftermarket brand coils? Need a closer pic to tell.
    No it should be silent. All gears but rises with engine revs is odd, diff would rise and fall with road speed, and its rare a box would whine in all gears, with each gear being worn. Who cares, lob the spare in and get it rebuilt. Oh, mine left in 2010....good riddance :)
    I can get top bearings, this would probably cure it but if you need rubber top bushes they're short on supply.
    Cardboard velcroed to the roof has dropped down and jammed it.
    Yes, fairly but BE PATIENT.
    Front jack points, rear arches under the back doors, front turrets underneath, and the seams under the stonechip in the inner wing. Oh and where the steering rack joins the turret on the drivers side. And around the solid-flexi join bracket under the front arches.

    You think you're pushing it hard now, but give it a while and you'll settle in a realise just how much you can utterly take the piss and get away with it.

    200bhp is easy. It has a recirc as standard if its still fitted. It'll suck up 17psi all day long, it adds a nice punch. get rid of the dampener in the actuator line and dump the amal valve and it'll come on boost more aggressively and give you a very subtle little wastegate chatter. Avoid aftermarket chips you dont need one (and they're shite). You can run 17-18psi all day long and it'll be fine as it is. Tried and tested mods are FMIC (without modding the bumper or nose), Cosworth turbo exhaust housing and matched downpipe, up the boost and you're headed for 210 horses.

    Leather is easier to get than velour. I threw mine away not long back. No demand.
    Stick badges back on with numberplate double sided tape save drilling holes back in it.
    Gearknobs aint too hard to find but one with the red writing still on it is the proverbial unobtainium. If you can pull it off without wrecking it. Or you could change the whole stick assembly, not hard.

    Welcome to Quadra ownership. You'll never leave :)
  5. gtmatt

    gtmatt Well-Known Member

    nice car and welcome , one day I will own a 21 turbo , just money and a missis to tend with lol
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  6. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Get rid of the latter and the former magically appears :D
  7. ferswin

    ferswin Well-Known Member

    nearly bought that one in 2011, I'm really glad it's gone to a good home, looks like a tidy car!

    and have to agree with Dave there is something about 21t's I just can't leave.
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  8. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

    Thanks! Yes, I think it is. It's been reasonably well looked after but has some issues as stated.
    I'm very grateful to Dave - thank you for your comprehensive reply! I have got some thinking to do and will reply inline later!
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  9. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

  10. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith Well-Known Member

    Andrew welcome along, I really must meet up with you and see your collection :)
  11. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    Welcome to TurboRenault.co.uk @r5gordini@r5gordini

    The car looks great! I'd also like to see some of the other motors in your collection :)
  12. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

    Thanks guys! More tomorrow. I'll post in the introduction forum with photos of the other cars...
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  13. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

    Err... Quick question... Are the headlights supposed to be so:banned: terrible? They only light up a small patch of road! Any thoughts? The silvering has gone on the base of one of them but the other looks ok.

  14. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

    Have posted in the introduction forum with photos of my collection of cars.

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  15. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

  16. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    1-you need cells with decent reflectors, if reflectors dont reflect the light then the light wont be reflected. Innit. You can change em but its difficult.
    2-fit new high discharge bulbs, or switch to 35w HID's and change the (separate) main beam bulbs too
    3-make sure the headlight aim is right

    All in all though it's an old car and compared to newer stuff they're always going to look dim.
  17. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

    Thanks, Dave! And thanks again!
    Looks like I may need a little help to get started with this car. Normally I can be self-sufficient, and eventually end up helping and giving others advice, but it's a new car and is more complex than I am used to dealing with!
    1. Driver's door. Sometimes it just won't shut. I try shutting it gently or slamming it, but it's as if it "bounces". I have lubricated the catch in the door. It seems intermittent. I've checked the adjustment of the catch post on the b pillar. It appears to be fine. Any suggestions?
    2. The head gasket appears it may be leaking oil down the back of the engine. There's quite a stain down the bellhousing and there's a rag stuffed between it and the head! I tried to take a photo:

    IMAG0092.jpg Nice! To worry about? Not sure! Do I just keep replacing the rag and monitor how much is leaking?
    3. What's this? Is it the Amal valve? The electrical connection to it has been unplugged:
    5. Gearbox whine: it is related to road speed, not engine speed. I've been in touch with the vendor and he definitely thinks it's always done it! He bought the car in 1996 so it was only 4 years old then. I suppose it could have been faulty then and he's just lived with it, so I should probably just live with it until I have to take the engine or box out for some other reason?
    6. There's quite some clonking coming from the rear when I transition off/on power. Diff worn? Are there some bushes that might need changing? Can they be got from anywhere?
    7. What's the engine type code? I can't see it anywhere on the block and I don't want to start taking things off just to find it! I need to order a timing belt kit

    FYI, photo of the coil pack:
    IMAG0086.jpg Thanks in advance to any/all who respond!


    Attached Files:

  18. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Item 3. is the auxuallary water pump. Used when the car has stopped to cool the turbo.
  19. r5gordini

    r5gordini Moderator

    Thanks, Andy! I wonder why it's been unplugged! It might be faulty. Where is this legendary Amal thingy then? What does it look like?
  20. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    I suspect the water pump has failed and the owner didnt want to risk an electrical fire.

    Amal value has a light orange plastic top.

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