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2007 Clio Dynamique Sx

Discussion in 'Other Renault' started by ClioSXT, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. ClioSXT

    ClioSXT Member

    Hi all, This is my 2007 Renault Clio Sx (2/700) 1.2 TCe.

    Owned since new.


    - Model : Renault Clio Dynamique SX (2/700)
    – Engine size : 1,149cc
    - Year : 2007
    – Colour : Mercury Silver


    - Custom Induction Kit (Alloy pipe work and HKS mushroom filter)
    - Custom Alloy Boost Pipes (2" diameter)
    - Polished Throttle body
    - Turbo restrictor removed
    - Custom Front Mounted intercooler (2.5" core thickness)
    - All rubber pipework replaced with ASH silicone custom hoses and Stainless steal T-clamps
    - HKS SSQV dump valve
    - 1.5L Blue Alloy Catch Can
    - Extra 10" Radiator fan
    - Full 2.5" Stainless Megane R26 straight through exhaust system (Not shown in pictures due to waiting for rear lip from body shop)


    - Carbon Fiber Inlay Renault Diamonds
    - Yellow Tinted Fog lights
    - Wind deflectors
    - Stubby FM Arial
    - Pressed Plates with anti-theft Renault Surrounds
    - Anti-Theft dust caps


    - Boost gauge (Steering column mounted)
    - Head Rest Springs
    - Clio 200 floor Mats
    - Clio 197 Alloy pedals and footrest
    - Stealth fitted Talex radar detection system
    - Stealth fitted Blackbox Data recording system with Windscreen and Cabin video.


    - Modified rear lip to suit Megane r26 exhaust


    - AP Coilovers (185mm Drop all round)
    - 25mm Hubcentric Spacers (rear only)
    - Dunlop SP01's all round


    - Powered by: Sony CDX-GT20RN
    - 1 x VIBE LiteAir Stereo 4 Amplifier. (Class GH)
    - 2 x VIBE RCA Y-Splitter Adapter Leads. (Ferrite Loaded). (For Bi-Amping LiteAir Amp)
    - 2 x VIBE Space 6 Speaker Units. (Front Doors)
    - 2 x VIBE Space 45mm Midrange Components
    - 2 x VIBE Space 38mm Silk Dome Tweeters
    - 2 x VIBE BlackAir 6 Speaker Units. (Mounted in rear side panel).
    - 2 x VIBE BlackAir 2-way Crossover Units. (Mounted inside rear side panel).
    - 2 x VIBE BlackAir 38mm Silk Dome Tweeter Units. (Mounted in angled pods on rear parcel shelf supports).
    - 1 x VIBE SQ12 EVO Active Bass Enclosure containing:
    - 1 x 1200 RMS VIBE Black Box Bass Amplifier. (Class A8).
    - 1 x VIBE SQ12 Evolution Space 2 Sub-Woofer (3000W peak).
    - 1 x VIBE Sub-Woofer Guard. (Installed to the sub's face).
    - 1 x VIBE 4 AWG Bass Wiring kit containing:
    - 1 x VIBE 60 Amp inline fuse. (Used under bonnet).
    - 1 x 3M VIBE RCE Bass Phono cable, Ferrite loaded.
    - 1 x 5M VIBE 4 AWG Red Power cable.
    - 1 x 1M VIBE Earth cable (Gold Plated Terminals).
    - 1 x 5M VIBE 16 AWG remote cable.
    - 1 x VIBE Quick Plug,
    - 20M x VIBE 12 AWG Flat Stereo audio cable.
    - 4 x Rolls of ANTI-VIBE Anti-resonance material.
    - 1 x VIBE Sub-Woofer Guard.


    - Yes it needs new wheels. But as I'm now planning on selling up its a no go.
    - Remove as much as i can and sell up.


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  2. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    Wow! Looks nice! :cool: Can you wind the boost up on that engine? Love the Yellow fogs, a nod to the old skool there!
    So what you planning on buying to replace it?? A RenaultSport Clio perhaps??
  3. ClioSXT

    ClioSXT Member

    Yes you can up the boost, currently the boost on mine is at 1Bar instead of the 0.6bar that it runs at stock. All be that it hasn't been remapped yet. It should be running round 125 Bhp, And going from what it can keep up with on the road, I'm not going to disagree. Ive found, Much to my own amusement, that it can really pee off golf GTD's, And pee them off even more when you tell them its only a 1.2

    Unfortunately i won't be replacing it with a RS model. Cheeper insurance and more income mean i am currently looking at some very lazy V8's/Ugly/No handling at all type cars

    You can get well over 150Bhp if you fit a megane 225 turbo onto these, the internals come fully forged from factory so it can be a fairly potent engine :). There is a twingo GT in Italy running over 240BHp with the same engine ... :p
  4. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    thats a hefty amount of power, got any links to the car? forged rods and pistons in these?
    Big Steve - Raider likes this.
  5. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

    I can hear your mind whirring from here.... :)
  6. ClioSXT

    ClioSXT Member

    Links to the Car? The engine code is D4FT if it that helps.

    The D4F is the standard 1.2 D-series engine (1149cc), The D4FT is basically a beefed up turbo'd version also know as the 1.2 TCe

    From what i've been told by a fair few people who have stripped down there D4FT's they are forged pistons and con rods (All be it OEM Forged so not as high quality as aftermarket i would imagine). They also have sodium filled valve stems, Up firing oil squirters and a few other things to help with cooling. They are very nifty engines :)

    130-145bhp can be done with just a remap on a stock engine from the looks of it. but if you start adding FMIC, Bigger host pipes and remove the restrictor of the turbo and come up with some sort of induction kit, You can get over 130 with out needing a remap. Add all these together and change the turbo to a megane one, 150bhp comes and goes, But so does the clutch's after that point.
  7. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    be so cool to drop one of these in an old skool shell. are they supported for aftermarket parts, clutches and such?
  8. ClioSXT

    ClioSXT Member

    Theres a few out aftermarket parts out there but not many in the UK ... Well ... K-tec sell a could of things but i wouldn't really call them "Upgrades", Its pretty much a make it fit yourself job.

    You can get a better clutch, but i believe it has to be made. i think its by Helix?

    Twingo GT's have this engine in and they are really into modding them and turn them into right pocket rockets. But for some reason clio owners don't seam to :/

    It uses the same engine mounts as the normal D4F engine, which has been in pretty much every smallish Renault for god knows how long.

    You an pick up a TCE for about 500 on ebay with daily low miles on it ...
  9. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    what the engine or the car for 500?
  10. ClioSXT

    ClioSXT Member

    engine mate
  11. Big Steve - Raider

    Big Steve - Raider Staff Member

  12. ClioSXT

    ClioSXT Member

    There is a slight lay out different for the boost pipes between the clio lay out and the twingo layout (Side mount intercooler on the clio is on drivers side and on the twingo its on the passenger side) but i can't see it being a problem if your doing a transplant :)
  13. ClioSXT

    ClioSXT Member

    Update ...

    The Megane R26 stainless system is in place and the rear lip refitted ... and it is now ready for sale!!!

    Spend two days giving her a good polish and wax, all I've got left to do is remove the audio and then sell it/part chop.

    The meg exhaust looks bang on, think it suits the styling of the car more having 2 central exhausts than one off centre.

    +She now sounds like a beast! :p

    (Youtube vid)

    Thought i'd get some snaps of her too while she was spotless








    Big Steve - Raider likes this.
  14. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Really like what you have done there fella ! looks great
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