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For Sale 1983 Renault 5 Gordini Turbo

Discussion in 'Cars for sale and wanted' started by Spen, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. Spen

    Spen Well-Known Member


    1983 Renault 5 Gordini Turbo

    Rare car, garaged since 2002, fully caged, very very solid car, small amount of welding done now rust free and ready for paint. Suspension overhhauled new bushes and balljoints, new track rod ends, brake lines replaced including adjustable bias valve and braided hoses all round, grooved brembo front discs, new pads, dash and loom still in. Steering wheel restored. Mitsubishi Ralliart seats. Garrett hybrid T3 Turbo with recipt, pace alloy intercooler. Brand new windscreen in correct bronze glass, new coolant bottle. Headlining replaced.

    Engine rebuilt before I bought it, recipts for bearings and piston liners ect, engine turns freely.

    Resprayed five years ago but has micro blisters in the paint so top coat needs rubbing back and re-doing, the original colour is Red. Front wings are new, bonnet is a good used replacement.

    I have everything else for the car except the parts bellow as far as I know, and the original seats as they were UV damaged beyond repair.

    Parts required, Clutch, Radiator, Tyres, Battery, Paint, Gearknob.

    I have 5 original alloys, 4 have tyres, require refurb. Some extra lights,plastics and glass included.

    I have a folder full of recipts, most are old but nothing has been used since, I have the old style V5 in the previous keepers name. Milage around 54k only.

    Great project and all hard work is done really, these cars are hard to find and are either rotten or pristeen so hard to find in a great but unfinished condition.
    £1995 ono...no swaps wanted.

    If you need any more info or want to view then please send me a message. Car is in Manchester and I can put wheels on so you can move it.

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  2. herb2000

    herb2000 Well-Known Member


    Is the car still up for sale?
  3. Spen

    Spen Well-Known Member

    Sorry, now sold
  4. Spen

    Spen Well-Known Member

    Cant figure out how to delete this post, sorry to those who have contacted me regarding the car. Admin please remove the ad, cant find that option anywhere sorry.
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