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[1 Apr, 2017] RS Tuning Rolling Road Day ! (RS Tuning)

Discussion in 'Euro , National and Regional events' started by andybond, Jan 17, 2017.

Discuss [1 Apr, 2017] RS Tuning Rolling Road Day ! (RS Tuning) in the Euro , National and Regional events area at TurboRenault.co.uk.

RS Tuning Rolling Road Day !
Start Date: 1 Apr, 2017 09:00 AM
End Date: 1 Apr, 2017 05:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST

RS Tuning
20 Castleton Close
LS12 2DS

Posted By: andybond

Confirmed Attendees: 11
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  1. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    I have managed to sort us out a rolling road day early in the season. We have gone for 01 APR 17 as it means all you guys that SORN your cars over the winter can use a full month of tax for the event.

    We are looking at getting 30+ cars on the rolling road spanned over a full day.

    Price is £35 per car and you will get as many runs as it takes to get a consistent reading. Its normally at leat 3 runs.

    I need your deposits sent to [email protected] which will be £5. I also need your number plate and real name in the notes section. It will help me co ordinate things then.

    We will be starting at 0900 till we are done.

    I am trying to sort out a mag feature as we speak.

    Deposits paid so far :
    @John popplewell@John popplewell
    @Jonathan Raworth@Jonathan Raworth
    @Sam Whitworth@Sam Whitworth
    Simon Rathbone
    @Brian B@Brian B
    kieran holland
    @jonathan smith@jonathan smith
    RS#YORKSHIRE from Cliosport.net
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2017
    ChrisGTT and Adey like this.
  2. Adey

    Adey Staff Member

    Could be a target date to get mine built by.....
    andybond likes this.
  3. ChrisGTT

    ChrisGTT Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm in!
    Adey and andybond like this.
  4. DaveL485

    DaveL485 Staff Member

    Ill see what my diary says :)
  5. johnspin

    johnspin Well-Known Member

    I'll see if I can make it this time [emoji3]

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    DaveL485 and andybond like this.
  6. Ricardo

    Ricardo Well-Known Member

    I'll have a think about going, can do what I did last time and go to Newark Friday then head up to Leeds Saturday morning.
    Adey likes this.
  7. Just paid :)
    Adey likes this.
  8. exclioguy

    exclioguy New Member

    sorry to
    hijack, but is it renault only? my clio 16v is long gone.lol
  9. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Nope. Just needs an engine and 4 wheels ! :)
  10. exclioguy

    exclioguy New Member

    well its got that lol. , if you need more cars i can probably help. :)

    it is 4wd their road?
  11. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    Yep , 4 wheel drive dyno dynamics rollers.
  12. exclioguy

    exclioguy New Member

    bugger, just found out away that weekend
  13. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    5 paid up people now. Well on the way !
  14. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    6 now ..
  15. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    7 ..
    Adey likes this.
  16. Brian B

    Brian B Member

    Hi - want to come along but can I change car if I don't get the five ready in time? HOPEFULLY it’ll be ready!!
  17. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    You can of course.

    Just send me a fiver . Its the person who runs , not that car ( well , you know what I mean ! )
    Brian B likes this.
  18. Brian B

    Brian B Member

    andybond likes this.
  19. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    8 of us running now ..
  20. andybond

    andybond Staff Member

    9 people now !
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